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Why 151 Million?

20 Apr

On May 15, 2018, Omaha voters will be asked to approve $151 million of Street And Highway Transportation Bonds (which we will refer to as “Street Bonds”). In return for this approval, the City commits to complete some transportation projects.

Mode Shift believes it is incumbent on the City to perform three steps:

  1. Inform the voters what projects it plans to build with the Street Bonds
  2. Account for Street Bond spending and the progress of the planned projects
  3. Disclose how it selects the projects that receive Street Bonds funding

Future Mode Shift blogs will address these points, but let’s start with a simple question.

Why $151 Million of Street Bonds?

Street Bonds have been issued periodically following a vote as a “special issues” ticket. Here is the history:

$ Amount of Omaha Street Bond Issue

The City will ask voters to approve the issue $151 million in Street Bonds (1)

So taxpayers will be asked to approve a City expenditure of $151 million, plus interest, funded by property taxes. This is more than triple the historical average. How does the City arrive at this number? In short:

  • The City plans to double its spending on transportation projects
  • The City forecasts a decrease in federal funds and a heavier reliance on Street Bonds

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Attend Upcoming Transportation Summit & Community Orgs Meeting

21 Aug

There are two events coming up that you will want to be a part of if you’re interested in promoting active and public transportation in the region:

Heartland Active Transportation Summit (Sep 28)

This year’s HATS is themed “Great Transit and Trails for Livable Communities,” and will feature a keynote address by renowned transit planner Jarrett Walker. Walker’s blog, Human Transit, and recently published book of the same name, have been hailed as one of the biggest contributions to date to the national conversation on transit. The event also features an impressive lineup of speakers representing some of the most successful transit and trail projects in the nation, in places as diverse as San Antonio, Cleveland, and Minneapolis. Over the course of the day, attendees will learn about strategies for maximizing investments in transit and trail infrastructure, how other communities have overcome challenges to achieve success, and what is happening in the region to plan for the future of transit and trails.

The summit will take place on September 28th at the Swanson Conference Center, in Metropolitan Community College’s beautiful new Institute for the Culinary Arts building. Visit the event website to check out the agenda and to register: http://hats.mapacog.org/. Register by August 31st to take advantage of early bird rates.

Active & Balanced Transportation Community Organizations Meeting (Sep 29)

As a follow-up to HATS, on the following day, Sep. 29, Activate Omaha, Omaha Bikes, Mode Shift Omaha, and several partner organizations are organizing a meeting of community organizations to begin to discuss a shared agenda for active and balanced transportation advocacy. This event will take place from 9am-noon (the draft agenda is here) in the UNO CPACS Collaborating Commons (room 132D) and will primarily be a discussion among community organizations about current and planned activities related to active and balanced transportation. We hope this is a next step in building a coalition around this area. Please plan to attend and represent your community organization. There is no registration fee for this event but please let us know if you can attend here or send an email to info@modeshiftomaha.org.

Director to UNO CPACS:

  • The map of the UNO campus is here: http://www.unomaha.edu/maps/docs/UNO-2010-10.pdf. The CPACS building is in the middle of the Dodge street location marked CPC.
  • Metro bus #2 makes frequent stops on Dodge Street or #11 passes close by on Leavenworth street with a short walk through Elmwood park to campus: http://www.metroareatransit.com/bus-system/system-map#bus-routes
  • Bike racks are on the west side of the CPACS building or bring your bike inside with you through the doors on the North side of the building.
  • If you are driving, you can park anywhere on the weekend.