Board, Staff & Advisors

Executive Board Members

Kevin Flatowicz-Farmer, Chair,
Liz Veazey, Vice Chair
Crystal Edwards, Secretary and Walkability Team Chair
Madeline Brush, Treasurer and Transit Team Co-Chair

At-Large Board Members

  • Derek Babb, Bike Team Co-Chair
  • John Cavanaugh
  • Manne Cook
  • Will Greene, Missing Middle Campaign
  • Dawaune Hayes, Bike Team Co-Chair
  • Lee Myers, Transit Team Co-Chair
  • Carol Redwing
  • Kimara  Snipe

If you are interested in joining the board, please contact Kevin at: or apply here.

Volunteer & Membership Coordinator

Amanda Long,

Advisors & Past Board Members

  • Geoff DeOld
  • Angie Eikenberry
  • Joseph Hanseling
  • Emily Kathrein
  • Jay Leighter
  • Craig Moody
  • David M. Nelson
  • Dale Rabideau
  • Eric Williams
  • Laura LaMarr
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Jennifer Kephart
  • Jason Alter
  • Chris Behr
  • Nicole Wheeler

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    Donn, sorry we missed your comment earlier. Do you mean the ULI report on Density? Thanks!

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