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3 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Chris, The master plan includes more than biking but not sure about street car system; although the design plans would likely be conducive to street cars as well. In conjunction with the master plan, the city will also be doing a transportation alternatives analysis in the midtown to downtown corridor that will consider costs, etc. for all modes of transportation, including street cars (see OWH article about it here: Come to the Heyday tomorrow and ask the City planners questions about it!

  2. Sorry Terry! We’re a small group of (unpaid) volunteers doing the best we can to keep up with multiple demands. What additional contact info would you like to see? We’d welcome additional help as well. Let us know if you’re interested or see the volunteer opportunity list in the “About” section. Thanks for following up on the Smart Cities report!

    • Terry says:

      FIrst of all, I apologize for being That Lady. Sometimes I hit Reply or Send a trifle too soon. And sometimes I can be cranky. So, sorry for the crankiness.

      Second, if your staff has discrete responsibilities, maybe an email with a name for each? So one could send to the proper person?

      I will go look at the Volunteer info. Not promising anything…but I do keep up with your news & posts & such.

      Thanks for all your hard work!

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