Local Transportation Info



  • The Omaha Metropolitan Area Bicycle Map, 2017 Edition provides guidance for on-street routes. The link shows both pages of the entire, high resolution map. This is a very large 26 MB file. Please download only if you need the full resolution version. Professionally printed maps are available at local bicycle shops.

Urban Omaha Bike Routes


  • Visit the Metro website to for information about the Omaha bus system, map, schedules, and more.
  • Google Maps for Transit
  • View this video, available in multiple languages, on how to take the bus, or this video on how to use the bike racks.
  • See the latest plans for Bus Rapid Transit along Dodge Street.

Ride/Car Share

Transportation-Related Orgs & Projects

Assessments & Scorecards


  • Nebraska Bicycle/Pedestrian Crash Data
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes in Omaha Data
  • Omaha Bicycle/Pedestrian Counts Reports for 2011 & 2014
  • Check out transportation data on the Omaha Community Foundation’s The Landscape
  • Farnam Street, 46th Street to Happy Hollow Boulevard, Reversible One‐Way Operation Review
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