Five Questions for Legislative District 8

13 Mar
2018 is a legislature election year, and we are going to make an effort to get all the candidates for Nebraska State Senate in to meet our members before the general election. To start us off, we have the term-limited seat of Sen. Burke Harr, LD-8. Harr’s seat is contested by three candidates, (in alphabetical order) Mina Davis, Josh Henningsen, and Megan Hunt. These are our guests for our Coffee Chat — Friday, March 16. at 8 a.m. in our usual haunt, Spielbound, located at 3229 Harney St.
We asked them each Five Questions.

Mina Davis

Mina is 25 years old, a data scientist at Creighton and a community organizer at heart. Mina is also the Vice Chair of Chapter Building for Young Democrats of America, an active member in her local chapter of Young Dems, and the Secretary/Treasurer of Douglas County Farmers Union.

1. What is your preferred mode of transportation?
My preferred mode of transportation is light rail.
2. What, in your opinion, is the greatest challenge to multi-modal transportation in Omaha?
I believe the greatest challenge is getting political leadership on the state and municipal levels to embrace a transportation/infrastructure policies that are innovative and environmentally friendly.
3. What, in your opinion, the the greatest multi-modal success in Omaha?
I believe the greatest multi-modal success is the ORBT bus. I really enjoyed hearing about it and hope to see more projects like this come to fruition.
4. How did you come to have an interest in transportation?
I came to have an interest because I grew up in cities that had fantastic transportation systems. I also at one point did not have a car and to be left in a place where there was not a good infrastructure inspired me to be a more ardent advocate for transportation policies that work for all.
5. If you could magically change one thing about the transportation systems in Omaha, without limit to budget or feasibility, what would it be?
 I would love to have a simple light rail/bus system that was actually on time and could connect all parts of the city. I would love to drive my car less. Continue reading

Dangerous but Fixable: Vote on Your Nominated Intersections

11 Mar

After our initial Advocacy in Action at 52nd and NW Radial, we asked the community to nominate the intersections they felt were dangerous but fixable. We got a bunch of responses. Folks throughout Omaha have identified areas where people walking or riding bikes find themselves at greater vulnerability. Take a look at the nominations below and then vote on which intersection you think Mode Shift Omaha (MSO) should tackle next.

The Intersection: 13th & Spring Lake Dr./Gifford Dr.

Why Is It Dangerous? No sidewalk west of 13th connecting to Spring Lake Park

What Can Be Done? Sidewalk/trail connection, adequate crosswalk striping

Nominated by: Anonymous

Notes from MSO: This intersection is also served by Metro Route 13. The absence of a sidewalk on Spring Lake makes the transit less accessible to nearby residences.

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Bringing the TAP to the TIP – Public Input Requested from MAPA

21 Feb

MAPA is putting together their 2019-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and is asking for public input on two projects that will be proposed for the final year of the program that qualify for the federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). Transportation Alternatives (TAP) are federally funded, community-based projects that expand travel choices and enhance the transportation experience by integrating modes and improving the cultural, historic, and environmental aspects of our transportation infrastructure.  Any questions or comments that people have should be sent to

First Project is one we have raised awareness about in the past, and that is the addition of a multi-use bridge to the US Hwy 34/75 over the Platte River on the border between Sarpy and Cass Counties. Currently, pedestrians and cyclists can share the current bridge with automobiles. After a planned expansion of the road, the highway will be designated a freeway, and people walking or riding bikes will not legally be allowed to share the space with people driving motor vehicles.

Details of the multi-use bridge project over the Platte River at US Hwy 34/75 – click for larger view

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