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4/16: Bike Walk Give Day


Bike Walk Give Day is a day to rally Nebraskans in support of the active transportation nonprofits serving... Read More 4/16: Bike Walk Give Day

group of six people with three bikes with a mural of bright triangles on a brick wall in the background. People are smiling and holding coffee mugs up.

4/13: Coffee Meet Up


Join the Bike Team on Saturday April 13 at 10am at The Mill Coffee & Tea on Leavenworth. Discuss biking... Read More 4/13: Coffee Meet Up

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2/28: Member Meeting: Omaha Climate Plan


Join us for our membership meeting in February! We are excited to hear from representatives from the City of... Read More 2/28: Member Meeting: Omaha Climate Plan

2/24 Walkability Sign-Making Party


Before spring arrives and another season of outdoor events begins, it’s time to refresh our collection... Read More 2/24 Walkability Sign-Making Party

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1/11: Happy Hour


Join us for a happy hour at Muchachos from 5 to 7 pm on Thursday, January 11th. There’s no agenda, and all... Read More 1/11: Happy Hour

A dozen people around a table at a coffee shop having a discussion.

10/14: Coffee Meet Up


Join the Bike Team at Hardy Coffee in Benson to discuss biking and transportation in Omaha. Open to anyone.... Read More 10/14: Coffee Meet Up

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