Since our founding in May 2011, we’ve been run almost entirely by a dedicated and expanding group of volunteers and a dedicated and active board of directors. We became a 501(c)3 organization in early 2015.

Save the Specht from Parking Rally

The past year has been productive for Mode Shift. With the support of the community, we launched a number of projects:

  • Omaha Safe Crossings – a citizen driven look at problem intersections to help make them safer for people of all ages and abilities who walk, bike, or use mobility aids.
  • Transparency Campaign – to identify who decides which transportation projects are built and how the public can influence the process.
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal Campaign – to ensure that more people can walk safely to their destinations in the winter.

We also partnered with other organizations in Omaha to support:

  • Midtown on the Move – a pilot program in the Blackstone, Gifford Park, Joslyn Castle and Leavenworth neighborhoods to encourage people to #switchatrip once a week from driving to instead walk, bike, bus or rideshare instead.
  • Commuter Tutor Program to provide support to Omaha area residents who have struggles with transportation. The program is still in development.

In addition to new initiatives and successful partnerships, we continue to pursue our mission of education and advocacy for all Omahans by:

In the past, we’ve also:

  • Mobilized hundreds to come out to support the transportation master plan update (Heyday on May Day), Bike-Ped Coordinator position (leading to a meeting and three-pronged action item list promised by the Mayor).
  • Partnered with Restoration Exchange Omaha to mobilize a public effort to Save the Specht and other buildings from turning into yet more unneeded parking in downtown Omaha.
  • Helped stop the costly and ill-conceived project to straighten the midtown S Curve on Dodge Street.
  • Helped get the sidewalks widened as part of the Benson streetscape project along Maple St.
  • Participated in creating the Partners for Our Healthy City Walk-it Guide.
  • Helped keep pedicabs at the College World Series.
  • Become recognized as a credible and essential partner for transportation-related matters. Mode Shift is regularly asked to be part of transportation-related groups organized by local organizations, the City, and regional agencies. These include the Bus Rapid Transit Stakeholder Committee, Complete Streets task force, and Metro Area Planning Agency’s Transportation Technical Advisory Committee.

See also coverage of our work in the news.

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