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Everyone should be able to get around.

Even without a car.

It’s the core of what we do here at Mode Shift Omaha.

That “should” isn’t as universally realized as you’d think though.

That’s why we want to spend this Giving Tuesday introducing Sidewalk Stories to you. It’s a brutal look at the reality people face when they rely on sidewalks to get around Omaha. Spoiler alert: that reality kind of sucks.

Join Mode Shift Omaha for the launch of our Sidewalk Stories audio compilation. Sarah Johnson & Joshua LeBure interviewed around a dozen folks about their experiences with sidewalks in Omaha.

We’re debuting that compilation during a Facebook Watch Party tonight at 7, join us!

You’ll hear clips from the 55 minute audio segment and from Sarah and others interviewed.

Please consider donating to Mode Shift Omaha during this Giving Tuesday, it helps us keep up important work like Sidewalk Stories. Plus the first $3K in donations will be matched! Meaning your contributions will go even further.

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