Why I Support Parking Meters in Benson

28 Apr

– Derek Babb, Board Member and Bike Team Lead

I recently attended the Benson Business Improvement District (BID) meeting where the idea of a parking benefits district was discussed. The general idea is to install parking meters on the street parking spots along Maple St. and to have a central agency that designates the alternative, free parking in off-street parking lots. Many of these parking lots are part of a private business with the exception of the city lot south of 61st and Maple. Parking meters are an important part of managing a huge portion of the way people get around Omaha – by driving. Parking meters discourage long-term use of the best parking spots and reduce the amount of time people spend searching for parking. Parking meters also provide a user-fee for parking rather than asking all of us to subsidize those who choose to drive. 

See more information about the meeting here: https://www.oneomaha.org/benson-pbd/

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Slowing down Blackstone

13 Apr

Four years ago I moved to Omaha from Portland mostly sight unseen.

I decided the Blackstone district looked like the best place to land.

You see, I gave up my car when I moved to Portland and didn’t want to go back. 

Blackstone seemed to be extremely walkable, had several bus lines near it, and wasn’t too far from where I would be working. 

It wasn’t long before I got my reality check: that walkable street came with a narrow sidewalk and three lanes of traffic hightailing it at 45+ despite the 30mph (double check this number) speed limit.

Yes, technically I could walk along it and even get to work fairly easily, but not comfortably- especially compared to the streets I was used to walking in Portland.

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Newsletter: March member meeting today 3/23 & more

23 Mar