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Scooters Make a Comeback

17 May
Six orange and black Spin scooters are parked at a charging station with a digital display on the right.
Spin Scooters parked in a hub with digital display.

We’ve been communicating with the folks at Spin Scooters recently about their operations and potential partnership with MSO. Some exciting opportunities are in the works around data collection and demonstration projects, but tomorrow we’re testifying in support of their pilot program and Spin Hubs. For now with the return of the scooter pilot, our main concerns are with clutter of the scooters on sidewalks, impeding access for mobility device users in particular. Gratefully, their Spin Hubs should remedy that issue. Items #75 & 76 on Tuesday’s City Council agenda involve scooters from Lime & Spin, so read up and weigh in with your thoughts. Find your City Council rep here and email them your testimony if you can’t make it to City Hall Tuesday at 2pm.

Our main suggestions include:

  • Create more places for people to safely use the scooters! This will benefit all road users, particularly during the pandemic when we really need more outdoor spaces.
  • Allow on-street parking for scooter hubs, bike share, and everyday bike corral parking!
  • Design > enforcement. Fining someone $100 for riding on a sidewalk is reactionary and won’t solve the issue. 
  • Use this as an opportunity to create a better transportation system, as many City Council candidates brought up this past election cycle. This is one small step and now is the time to act! 

To read our full letter of support, download it below.

Earth Day Group Rides!

17 Apr

Here’s where we’ll have groups leaving from for Saturday April 17th’s Mini Earth Day Celebration:
Benson, Ted & Wally’s parking lot, 60th Ave & Maple, rolling at 10:30a
Blackstone, meeting at the corner of 40th & Farnam by the bike share station, rolling at 10:30a
Dundee, leaving the Dundee Community Garden on 49th & Underwood at 10:30a
Hanscom Park, 32nd & Center, roll at 10:15a
Culvers/Twin Creek/Keystone, roll at 10:00a
Democracy Park/87th & Templeton, roll at 10:30a
~ N. 24th St& Lizzie Robinson St., by the BCycle station (just south of 24th & Lake), roll at 10:30a
Right now the weather looks cloudy and cool but no rain. We’ll keep you posted here and on FB if anything changes. Otherwise, see you Saturday in the park!

Harney Street Cycle Track Pilot Project

12 Apr

The project appears as item #49 on this week’s City Council agenda as a proposed pilot project. Testify with us in support of the project on Tuesday and encourage its permanence!


When Mode Shift organized the Heyday on May Day, nearly 10 years ago, it was to celebrate the newly updated Transportation Element of the City’s Master Plan and demonstrate how the newly announced Harney Street cycle track would function. The World-Herald first wrote about the idea Nov. 28, 2011. There were a lot of questions; what is a cycle track, who would ride here, what do you do about snow?

People gathered at the Heyday for the demonstration project.
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