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  • Report snow removal concerns, or other sidewalk, bike lane, or road obstructions on the Omaha Mobile App or email or call the Mayor’s Hotline.
  • Sidewalk snow removal: The Omaha Municipal Code states that it shall be the duty of the occupant, as well as the duty of the owner, of any lot or land or real estate in the city, to clear all ice and snow from the sidewalks adjoining the said lot, land, or real estate within 24 hours after the city has declared that snow removal operations on the city’s major streets are complete. Get more information and find a form to report uncleared sidewalks.
  • Other sidewalk requests: Call Sebastiano “Art” Giaffoglione in Omaha Public Works at 402.444.1360.
  • Find Omaha Public Works’ Traffic Calming program information here.

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