Omaha Gives! Update

20 May

Thanks to so many of you for your generosity during Omaha Gives! We are overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. As of 2:19pm, we have raised $2,014 + $1,000 hourly prize + $2,014 match = $5,028. Boom!

But here’s the thing: we’re in the running for the prizes that will be awarded to the organizations that have the most unique donors during the 8am – 4pm timeframe in their respective classes (we’re in the small organization group). So if you haven’t dropped us a little ($10) love yet, please consider doing so.

Let’s bring this thing home so that we can make Omaha more vibrant, walkable, and beautiful!

Donate here.

UPDATE: Our unofficial tally just after midnight:

$5,198.15 in donations from 203 donors!
$1,000 3am prize
$2,300 board match/extra bonus funds
$3,000 anticipated most unique donors (4pm – midnight)

TOTAL: $11,498.15

Wow, we’re blown away! Time to get busy making Omaha an exceptional place for people that walk, bike and use transit.

Omaha Gives! 2015

19 May


A message from the Mode Shift board:

Tomorrow is 2015 Omaha Gives! an annual 24-hour event to raise money for metro-area nonprofit organizations. All donations are made online with a credit card or your Omaha Community Foundation charitable account.

We are proud of our past accomplishments. Thanks to our efforts, parts of Omaha have wider sidewalks, options for cyclists, better transit, and safer commutes.

With our newly acquired 501(c)(3) status, we can engage new partners and enlist more help than ever, and we believe that within the next year, we are positioned for significant positive impact on major projects in Omaha – from Bus Rapid Transit to Complete Streets, from neighborhood streetscape designs to pedestrian safety.

Help us make this happen – give throughout the day tomorrow by clicking here.

Thanks to the $1 for $1 Match, your donation will be doubled, up to the $2,300 raised by the Mode Shift Board.

Join us at our Celebratory Party at the Omaha Bicycle Company (7pm – midnight) – help out Mode Shift and have fun doing it!

Your donation will go to projects that make Omaha a better place to work, play and live.

Thanks for your consideration!

The Mode Shift Board

April Coffee Chat Recap

14 May

Here is a recap of the exciting and innovative projects presented at the April 2015 Coffee Chat, along with a reminder:

Next Wednesday, May 20, is Omaha Gives day. Help Mode Shift meet its goal with your participation.

Your participation will enable Mode Shift to advocate for a better city and for projects such as the ones described below.

The April Mode Shift Coffee Chat was hosted by Noddle Companies at their Aksarben Village offices, where their team shared work planned in Council Bluffs:

  • River’s Edge, a new mixed-use development to the east of Hanafan Park, will provide an active destination at the eastern terminus of the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge
  • West Broadway Corridor Plan could radically alter the western half of Council Bluffs. Both projects will greatly increase options for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users to move about Council Bluffs.


The mixed-use River’s Edge development will embed active transportation networks in its DNA. The existing trail network along the Missouri River will feed into the development via a new landing ‘porch’ being designed at the foot of the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. The ‘porch’ is an open space envisioned as an extension of Hanafan Park, that transitions into one of the primary public space elements of River’s Edge, currently being called the Piazza. While the Piazza is a road providing connectivity along the west side of the development, it’s designed as a curbless street similar to the Dutch Woonerf, which can be closed to vehicular traffic during events. Avenue A will provide the spine through the development and will feature the metropolitan region’s first and very long overdue separated cycle track. A series of larger infrastructural improvements at the I-480 / I-29 interchange will allow easier access into the development from the Interstate, and from the West Broadway corridor.

The West Broadway Corridor Plan aims to drastically improve the West Broadway corridor with new development and improved transportation infrastructure. When complete, Downtown Omaha and Downtown Council Bluffs will have more of a seamless connection, which could have the effect of altering how we think of the metropolitan region. With the reclaiming a railroad right of way, judicious land use measures, and working with the neighborhoods, Council Bluffs has the potential to lead the region in providing safe and well-designed active transportation networks and seamlessly included into new development. The plan will improve pedestrian circulation through the use of better crosswalks, sidewalks, trails and parks. A new recreation trail linked to the wider network already in place will expand options for recreation cyclists connecting to downtown Council Bluffs, while there is hope that the Bus Rapid Transit line planned in Omaha can be extended to Downtown Council Bluffs. Various right-of-way scenarios include options for safe sidewalks, transit lanes, cycle tracks, and landscaped buffers.

Both projects are well positioned to greatly improve connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders throughout the city of Council Bluffs. If the various elements are implemented as currently planned, Council Bluffs will join other leading cities in the country that understand the benefits of providing well designed facilities for active transportation, while making a big leap towards unifying the Omaha metropolitan region. The City of Omaha will have many good examples to study as it follows Council Bluffs in providing transportation options that enhance quality of life and opportunities to live, work, and play.

Omaha Gives!

6 May

Earlier this year Mode Shift Omaha was granted 501(c)(3) status, which enabled us to register for Omaha Gives!, an annual 24-hour event to raise money for metro-area nonprofit organizations. This year it will be held on Wednesday, May 20. The minimum gift is $10, and there is no maximum.

You can find our Omaha Gives! page here . There is an option to schedule your donation now; however, we encourage everyone to donate on May 20th if possible, as scheduled donations are not eligible for hourly prizes.

We’re also planning a little celebratory party at the Omaha Bicycle Company from 7pm to midnight on May 20. We’ll have our MSO headquarters set up at OBC to stay caffeinated and ready to ask for your contribution (free coffee with your donation throughout the day!!). A little food and drink will be provided that night as well. This will serve as our public monthly meeting for the month of May. Help out MSO and have fun doing it!

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to go towards our mission to advocate for transportation options that enhance quality of life and opportunities to live, work, and play. See more about our activities and strategic plan here.

Please give to Mode Shift Omaha on May 20! Thank you!

Complete Streets: Feedback Requested

28 Apr

The Complete Streets process has the potential to improve Omaha’s streets: when considering street design, city departments would include the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, motorists, and others, to strive for “Complete Streets”, streets providing safe transportation networks for all.

The Complete Street process has reached a critical point and it’s time for you, our ModeShift members, to provide feedback.

The final Stakeholder meeting was held on April 20 during which the Complete Streets Work Group sought feedback on four key documents (click here). They include:

  1. Complete Streets Policy
  2. Complete Streets Implementation Guidelines
  3. Complete Streets 5-Year Process
  4. City of Omaha Complete Streets Checklist

You are encouraged to review and provide feedback on these documents. Feedback can be sent to Please cc: us at on all correspondence as well. All feedback should be sent no later than end of day Friday, May 1.

Complete Streets Omaha will be an amendment to the Transportation Element of the city’s master plan, replacing the existing Complete Streets policy. It will also include the Guidance on Implementation, Five-Year Process and City of Omaha Complete Streets Checklist. Some of the components spelled out in the various documents will be codified in zoning code changes, and some will be handled administratively.

The Complete Streets plan will be presented to the Omaha Planning Board July 1.  The Omaha City Council’s third hearing and public input meeting will be August 11.

Third Annual Bike Swap & Expo: Get Deals on Bikes & Volunteer to help Mode Shift

5 Mar

Sunday March 8 from 11am – 4pm at College of St. Mary’s Lied Fitness Center
Omaha Bike Swap 2015Admission:  $5 or $3 with a can of food to be donated to the Heart Ministry food pantry. Kids under 12, free.

Buy, sell any and all things bike! Bike shops and private sellers will be there. Visit information and education kiosks featuring representatives from cycling related benefit rides, trails organizations, cycling clubs and urban cycling displays.

You’ll also be able to sell an individual bike at the Bike Corral, which Mode Shift is hosting. Proceeds from the Bike Corral will go to Mode Shift!  Bring your bikes to sell and tell your friends!

We could use a few more volunteers for the Bike Corral anytime from 11am-4pm on Sunday March 8th–contact Liz at 919-619-5964 (call or text). Thanks! and join the Facebook event

February Coffee Chat (Trails Update) & Membership Meeting (BRT)

17 Feb

Our monthly signature events are just around the corner. Here’s the scoop:

Coffee Chat this Friday, February 20, 8 – 9am at Howlin’ Hounds.
Eric Williams is the Natural Resources Planner at the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District, and the Project Manager for the NRD’s involvement in trail projects. He will present information about current and summer 2015 trail projects in the metro — including the new connection of the South Omaha Trail, Phase 2, and the West Papio Trail from 90th to 108th & Giles.

MSO Membership Meeting, Wednesday, February 25, 7 – 8:30pm at the Pizza Shoppe.
Omaha’s Metro Area Transit received a $14.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation (TIGER Grant) to build Omaha’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. It’s kind of a big deal. Lauren Cencic from Metro, who is managing the project, will be on hand to give us an update and answer questions. As a reminder, we’ve formed a BRT task force whose aim is to ensure that Omaha’s BRT suits our city well.

More information on the BRT:
TIGER Application
.S. Department of Transportation Announcement