As Omahans who appreciate having options in our transportation, we would like to wish a happy fortieth anniversary to the Transit Authority for the City of Omaha — Metro Transit. Over the last four decades, the Transit Authority has provided an admirable level of service to our city for the dollars spent.

Operating seven days per week, and taking only six service holidays a year, Metro Transit works hard to ensure a viable transportation mode for those who want options in their mobility. More important, Metro has been a reliable partner in providing mobility to those who have few options. In a city where housing and commerce are often separated by many miles, Metro Transit provides a critical link connecting people to their jobs, their schools, their friends and vital services.

In addition to maintaining a necessary service to the community, the current administration at Metro Transit has proved to be vigilant fiscal stewards. Both our fare costs and tax burden for transit are some of the lowest in the region while still operating a full service transit agency. From Executive Director, Curt Simon and his administrative staff, to the friendly corp of drivers, the Metro Transit family has shown a dedication to Omaha.

Public transit ridership in Omaha grows year after year. The younger generation buys fewer cars and drives less and our aging population is looking for mobility options other than driving the role of transit is increasingly important. With volatile gas prices and a sluggish economy, people turn to a shared resource like transit as a financially viable option.

Metro is working hard to make transit more accessible, more practical and comfortable. The updated fleet of buses and participation in Google Transit make the bus increasingly usable and convenient. The future of public transportation in Omaha is promising. Thank you, Metro, for forty years of service to our community.

Kevin M. Flatowicz-Farmer, ModeShift Omaha
Angela Eikenberry, ModeShift Omaha
Mike Battershell, Greater Omaha Young Professionals
Craig Moody, VOICE
Patrick McAtee, Omaha Bikes

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