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Thanks to so many of you for your generosity during Omaha Gives! We are overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. As of 2:19pm, we have raised $2,014 + $1,000 hourly prize + $2,014 match = $5,028. Boom!

But here’s the thing: we’re in the running for the prizes that will be awarded to the organizations that have the most unique donors during the 8am – 4pm timeframe in their respective classes (we’re in the small organization group). So if you haven’t dropped us a little ($10) love yet, please consider doing so.

Let’s bring this thing home so that we can make Omaha more vibrant, walkable, and beautiful!

Donate here.

UPDATE: Our unofficial tally just after midnight:

$5,198.15 in donations from 203 donors!
$1,000 3am prize
$2,300 board match/extra bonus funds
$3,000 anticipated most unique donors (4pm – midnight)

TOTAL: $11,498.15

Wow, we’re blown away! Time to get busy making Omaha an exceptional place for people that walk, bike and use transit.

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