It’s finally here! A few weeks ago the U.S Department of Transportation released the “Every Place Counts Leadership Academy Toolkit.” This resource was designed to help educate and assist people to better understand the transportation planning and funding process.  

Our transportation systems play an important role in our quality of life. At Mode Shift, we have made it our mission to advocate for transportation options that enhance our quality of life and helps provides affordable, equitable opportunities to live, work, and play for everyone in our community. Our hope is that you will take some time to look over the toolkit to see how you can advocate for transportation projects that enhance your quality of life.

The toolkit consists of several parts including:

The USDOT is waiting for the Secretary of Transportation to get in her position and start moving everyone toward her vision for the department. We do not know what that will be, but we know that President Trump campaigned on spending money to build and fix infrastructure across the country. While we believe this can be a good thing if directed toward making roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists and increasing transportation options for people, this is often not what is actually carried out. It is our job at Mode Shift is to be educated on the transportation planning and funding process so we can advocate for options that improve our quality of life. We hope you will join us. Please take some time to look through the toolkit created by the USDOT. Hopefully you will learn something to help you advocate for options that enhance your quality of life.

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