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When it comes to transportation, it’s not only about how you get there, but what the place looks like when you start and finish a trip. Architects exist at the genesis of the built environment. Their vision and design play a crucial role in shaping our world and defining our options within it. This month, we’ve invited the firm of DeOld/Andersen to share some of their design ideas around infill development as our coffee chat guest speakers. Our coffee chat is Friday, May 17th at 8 a.m. at the Scooters on 30th and Ames. Geoff DeOld, principle architect at DeOld/Andersen, will be joining us — and we asked him five questions:

1. What is your preferred mode of transportation?

Walking when at all possible.

2. What, in your opinion, is the greatest challenge to multi-modal transportation in Omaha?

A lack of good urban form that allows for successful multi-model transportation, or at least makes it interesting.

3. What the the greatest multi-modal success in Omaha?

Heartland B-Cycle introducing electric assist bikes to their bike share fleet. if eventually paired with real bike infrastructure that forms some sort of network, biking could become a viable form of transportation in some areas of Omaha.

4. How did you come to have an interest in transportation?

I like cities, and great cities offer a range of transportation options.

5. What role can architects play in influencing our transportation network?

By promoting the design of buildings that help to define a strong public realm.

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