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Mode Shift Omaha’s office is housed in UNO’s Community Engagement Center.  Organizations housed within are encouraged to collaborate and find how their missions connect.  It was here that we met Rachel Ray of the Munroe Meyer Institute.  Rachel shared the transportation issues that her UNO Students struggle with.  Together, we collaborated on two blog posts (linked here, blog 1 and blog 2) and were introduced to Annie Woodruff who shared her expertise at a Coffee Chat (read a blog about this here).  In addition, we reached out to Rachel to extend an invitation to her Munroe Meyer Institute contacts to join us for our Dodge Street Sidewalk Audit.  This led us to meet Melanie Davis, an intern – who took part in the Dodge Street Sidewalk Audit. Melanie has since joined Mode Shift Omaha and the Walkability Team, helped us learn a few ways we can improve and shared her experience with us within this podcast.  

Melanie Davis traversing Omaha’s sidewalks with her service dog.

Our organization is so enriched by all those we’ve met at the Munroe Meyer Institute.  We hope you’ll take some time to listen to Dr. Crystal Edwards podcast with Melanie, where Melanie shares about her life and experiences traversing Omaha using a wheelchair, a mobility scooter and while being accompanied by her service dog.  

Please note – in this podcast Melanie is sharing her own personal views and is not representing the Munroe Meyer Institute.

 Dr. Edwards Interviews Disability Rights Activist Melanie Davis []

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