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Mode Shift goes to Washington

23 Nov

by Jennifer Kephart

Last month I joined 74 other transportation advocates who had been selected to participate in the USDOT’s Every Place Counts Leadership Academy in Washington, D.C. The purpose was to help us understand how transportation decisions are made and how we could become more involved in the process. We also had the opportunity to see the first version of their transportation toolkit and provide feedback.

We were given a copy of the initial version of the toolkit so it could serve as a reference during several workshops throughout the day and provide feedback. The workshops focused on how transportation affects our lives, transportation decisions are made, and understanding the diverse perspectives that go into the transportation decision making process.


What surprised me about the Academy?

A lot. It was eye opening to see how many people feel like they are alone advocating for smarter transportation solutions in their community. Transportation is something that affects everyone, yet hardly anyone knows anything about it and even fewer people know how to advocate for better systems. It really made me appreciate the smart, passionate, dedicated people at Mode Shift and the community they have built. Continue reading