Need for Choice, Transportation Master Plan|

Graphic courtesy of Tony Montgomery and Mike Houston

With only five days until Omaha’s Public Priorities meeting, September 15, 6:30 p.m. at the Scott Conference Center, now is the time to discuss what seemingly non-transportation areas of our lives are affected by transportation policy. One aspect of life profoundly influenced by transportation policy is individual health.

When transportation policy is focused on creating disconnected, auto-only infrastructure – to the exclusion of active transportation options – we create an environment detrimental to our individual health. Active communities are born in environments that invite activity. If your option is to move from your couch to your car, how can we expect people to adopt a healthy active lifestyle?

Giving Omaha options for engaging in an active lifestyle will go a long way to helping our city climb up from the bottom of the healthy cities list. Come out to the Transportation Master Plan public meeting and raise your voice for active options and transportation freedom for everyone.

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