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In case you mised them, a couple of letters on Pedicabs have appeared in the OWH Public Pulse. Send one yourself. Info on how to do so is here.

Trying to keep pedicabs at CWS (Jan. 15)

Many thanks to the Omaha Police Department for sitting down with community interests to work out a compromise on the College World Series pedicab ban.

OPD asking the City Council to delay the vote on the proposed ordinance until late February lets the community know it is interested in compromise. This act of good faith goes a long way toward building a constructive relationship between OPD and the transportation community.

As a community that supports both small business and transportation options for everyone, we should know that a ban on a popular form of transportation would be a move in the wrong direction for Omaha. We hope that, by building a partnership with OPD, we can make its job easier, while not limiting the freedom of visitors to choose a fun and festive form of transportation.

The transportation community is confident that pedicabs will remain part of the CWS experience. Working with police, we plan to make the necessary arrangements to avoid a ban and maintain public safety.

-Kevin M. Flatowicz-Farmer, Omaha

Don’t limit CWS transportation (Jan. 17)

Following a Jan. 10 Omaha City Council meeting, I am saddened to see that an outright ban on the transportation rights of Omaha residents and College World Series visitors is still under consideration.

Legal methods of transport, including walking, bicycling, riding a bus, driving a car or even riding in a pedicab, are allowed on city streets. Without significant evidence of danger to public safety, delay in traffic flow or other negative consequences, the rights of people to choose a safe and enjoyable transportation should be maintained.

The CWS is an opportunity for the world to visit our city and for Omaha to show that we are an inclusive community welcoming of all, no matter how they choose to travel.

-Eric Williams, Omaha

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