ModeShift is pleased to support the Omaha City Council’s resolution establishing March 13 as “Ride the Bus to Work Day.” We feel this is a good first step to encouraging mixed and balanced transportation options for everyone. Many thanks go out to Councilman Chris Jerram for proposing the resolution and the unanimous vote of the council to adopt.

Our press release in support of the resolution has gone out to Omaha media. We will be posting more information about riding the bus and its benefits in the coming week. Please encourage your employer (or employees) to take part in this event.

If you are interested in riding the bus, but still feel there are barriers to use, a good first step is visiting the Metro website. Study the system map and schedules. Make sure the bus will work for you. With Google Transit, trip planning is easy and intuitive. You can plan your ride to and from work and even get walking directions to the nearest bus stop. Google Transit can also be accessed by getting directions in Google Maps and selecting the bus icon in the results.

google map transit icon

Don’t forget that you can bring your bike on the bus or park and ride too.

Check back with ModeShift Omaha, throughout the week, as we give tips on catching the bus, and encouraging your friends and coworkers to do the same. This is a great step in the right direction, and we hope you all join us in transforming Ride the Bus to Work day into a new habit.

Let us know if you’re planning to ride here.

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