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This coming Tuesday, March 13, is Ride the Bus to Work Day, and we hope to see some new faces commuting via Metro. In advance of the event, we’d like to remind Omaha of all options available when using transit. Since 2008, all Metro buses have had bike racks on the front of the coach. The addition of the racks gave Omaha more options for combining modes of transportation, and extended the range of cyclists.  Metro has a page on their website dedicated to bike and ride.

Metro Bus half wrapped with I Ride advertisement that reads -we used bike racks on metro buses 52 percent more last yea

Last year, Omaha increased the  daily average usage of the bike racks from  27 in 2010 to 42. Anymore, seeing a bus without a bike on the front is a strange sight. A report on the bike and ride program shows 2011’s consistent same-month growth over 2010. As usually happens, especially with bike infrastructure, when people have more option they take advantage of them.  If you are planning on riding the bus to work next Tuesday, consider combining a bike trip with your bus ride. Combining modes is convenient, healthy and fun. We hope to see you on the bus, or on your bike. Or even both. Please share with your friends, and let us know if you are planning on taking part.

Photo courtesy of Metro.

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