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We were saddened to hear that a longtime bicycle commuter, Thomas Burbach, was seriously injured in a hit-and-run collision with a motor vehicle on May 20. We are relieved that he survived and is expected to recover.

The Omaha World-Herald story about the collision provides valuable context for understanding what happened. At the time, Burbach was riding his bike on the very busy L Street in Omaha because Omaha does not yet have a safe east-west route for long-distance cycling. Mode Shift Omaha supports creating safe east-west routes because they will increase the safety of our streets for motorists and cyclists alike and make bicycle commuting a safe option for more people.

If you agree, please contact your City Council member and say that you want safe east-west routes across the Omaha metro for cyclists.

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  1. CultFit says:

    I commute daily from Chalco down to Offutt. The stretch of road, Portal road heading west to Giles road is quite dangerous in the afternoon. The morning ride is quiet and peaceful. There is a need for better east – west routes in the city for cyclist although at times its better to ride out of your way, take a longer route through a neighbor hood, plan and scout the route ahead of time, during the hours you will be riding. Better to be safe and a few minutes late. From one cyclist to another I’m glad to hear Mr. Burbach is doing well and recovering.

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