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10557400_10203610913266051_7199861361230378539_nTonight is the night! The Omaha City Council will hear public input on the proposed 2015 budget. Please attend, bring a friend, and advocate for a position within the city to focus on complete streets, healthy living, and active transportation.

The Public Budget Hearing will start at 7pm in the Omaha/Douglas Civic Center, 1819 Farnam Street.

  • Bicycle parking is right outside the Farnam Street entrance. An Omaha B-cycle Station is also located outside the building and a group is riding from 6015 Maple St. (the Omaha Bicycle Co.) starting at 6:30pm sharp.
  • Several buses pass nearby.
  • Car parking is on street or at 1910 Harney.

When you arrive at the City Council Chambers, you’ll need to sign in to speak. Then, when your name is called you will have three minutes to speak.

The more each of us can stick to our areas of knowledge and personal experience, the better. Rather than summarizing all the reasons for supporting a staff person focused on multimodal transportation, make an articulate case about one or two facets. Support your case with facts, statistics, and your personal experience. Please be respectful in your comments.

Our focus is on the need for a full-time position dedicated to complete streets and healthy/active living in Omaha that will ensure multimodal design is integrated into all development throughout the city, and the enactment of a meaningful Complete Streets ordinance. These are important and justified for many reasons, including those articulated here and here.

We’ll have “I walk. I bike. Omaha.” stickers there for you to wear.

If you can’t attend (or even if you can), please contact City Council members and the Mayor.

Council members, you can view this map to find out who is your representative:

District 1 – pete.festersen@cityofomaha.org

District 2 – ben.gray@cityofomaha.org

District 3 – chris.jerram@cityofomaha.org

District 4 – garry.gernandt@cityofomaha.org

District 5 – rich.pahls@cityofomaha.org

District 6 – franklin.thompson@cityofomaha.org

District 7 – aimee.melton@cityofomaha.org

Mayor’s chief of staff:


Mayor’s Hotline: (402) 444-5555

Please copy info@ModeShiftOmaha.org on your email. Thank you!

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