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The Complete Streets process has the potential to improve Omaha’s streets: when considering street design, city departments would include the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, motorists, and others, to strive for “Complete Streets”, streets providing safe transportation networks for all.

The Complete Street process has reached a critical point and it’s time for you, our ModeShift members, to provide feedback.

The final Stakeholder meeting was held on April 20 during which the Complete Streets Work Group sought feedback on four key documents (click here). They include:

  1. Complete Streets Policy
  2. Complete Streets Implementation Guidelines
  3. Complete Streets 5-Year Process
  4. City of Omaha Complete Streets Checklist

You are encouraged to review and provide feedback on these documents. Feedback can be sent to Please cc: us at on all correspondence as well. All feedback should be sent no later than end of day Friday, May 1.

Complete Streets Omaha will be an amendment to the Transportation Element of the city’s master plan, replacing the existing Complete Streets policy. It will also include the Guidance on Implementation, Five-Year Process and City of Omaha Complete Streets Checklist. Some of the components spelled out in the various documents will be codified in zoning code changes, and some will be handled administratively.

The Complete Streets plan will be presented to the Omaha Planning Board July 1.  The Omaha City Council’s third hearing and public input meeting will be August 11.

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  1. Bill Moore says:

    Reading the Complete Streets documents, I am encouraged that the city recognizes the criticality of these policy changes, but how applicable are they outside city limits, especially in unincorporated areas of Douglas and Sarpy counties.

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