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Mode Shift’s volunteer board has been working to grow the organization’s capacity to affect change in Omaha.

A few months ago the board clarified areas of focus at a strategic planning retreat. Since then, we hired a part-time program coordinator and updated our vision, mission, and values:

Our vision is a city where anybody can:

  • Safely and efficiently walk, cycle, take public transit, or choose other sustainable and less costly modes of transportation,
  • Have a say, through democratic and transparent processes, in how the city and streets are designed and funded, and
  • Experience a high quality of life.

We value safety, transparency, democratic engagement, and equality for all transportation users.

Our mission is to advocate for transportation options that enhance quality of life and opportunities for everyone to live, work, and play.

We achieve our mission through education and engagement with members and the public, influencing policies and decision-making related to transportation and land use design, and monitoring transportation policies and plans and their implementation.

We also conducted an exercise to refine our program priorities for the next year. We listed our current programs as well as those we identified in our strategic planning retreat. Then we ranked each program according to how well it aligned with our mission and the capacity we currently have to achieve it effectively. We ended up with this list:

  • Write letters for/against plans and policies (such as on 51st & Mayberry)
  • Organize demonstrations/rallies (as needed; such as for saving the Specht from becoming a parking area)
  • Conduct advocacy campaigns/member mobilization
  • Hold Coffee Chats and monthly Member Meetings
  • Share information on transportation options/events through blog and social media
  • Attend and participate in public meetings and committees (such as MAPA TTAC and Metro BRT)
  • Help organize and facilitate the Citizens’ Academy
  • Build coalitions and partnerships with other transportation-related groups
  • Create a Mode Shift Ambassador Program (where active members represent and support MSO in various capacities)
  • Document who decides, what sways them, and when to meet them—for specific transportation policy/project areas
  • Track transportation-related committees/events/policies

Our goal is to focus our time and resources most intently on these areas.

We’d love your feedback on the updated mission/vision/values or the program priorities list. If you’d like to volunteer in any of these areas, please let us know. Or,  please make a donation to support our work. Thank you!

3 Replies to “Mode Shift Organizational Updates”

  1. dirk says:

    looks good, my only question was in relation to “Have a say, through democratic and transparent processes, in how the city and streets are designed and funded” is this about yer internal processes or is it about trying to create more democratic/public processes in our local government, and if not about making local government more open/democratic than perhaps that should be part of the program list ( maybe that’s already part of campaigning around “policies”)?
    thanks all

    • Hi Dirk and thanks for your question. It’s about both really, but we are focused especially on encouraging more democratic/public processes in our local (and state) government.

      • dirk says:

        excellent thanks, seems like there are other constituencies (tech-types, UNO urban studies/pol-sci, minority businesses, labor unions, and all) who could be good allies in creating govt. transparency/interactivity, ever onward.

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