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Mode Shift Omaha has been concerned with community participation in the transportation planning and implementation process since its inception. We have noted before some areas in need of improvement in relation to public participation processes in Omaha. This is why democratic engagement is a key aspect of our vision and values statements.TMP public mtg

We aim to build greater capacity for community participation in transportation processes through at least three avenues:

First, we continue to seek out opportunities to encourage improvement of public engagement practices in city and regional government agencies. For example, several of our members are active in the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stakeholder and other transportation-related committees focused on citizen engagement. Our monthly coffee chats also offer opportunities for direct engagement with public officials.

Second, we support capacity building for neighborhoods and other groups to participate in transportation processes by providing information and education on transportation issues. Our role as a partner in the Citizens’ Academy and the support we have provided to neighbors living near 32 Avenue are two examples of this.

Finally, we are creating a new Ambassador Program to build the capacity of Mode Shift to better mobilize supporters to represent Mode Shift at meetings, events, or in relation to issues/projects such as Saving the Specht, BRT, Complete Streets, and other areas. This will enable us to do more outreach and broaden the base of support for creating a safe and more balanced transportation system. We are in the early stages of planning and implementing this effort and welcome your feedback. You can also get involved by filling out this form.

We need your help to continue to create a city where anyone can have a say, through democratic and transparent processes, in how our city and streets are designed and funded.

Please support Mode Shift Omaha during Omaha Gives! on May 25. Thank you!


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  1. dirk says:

    good stuff folks, @jeffspiehs (MAPA/2050) has been gathering infrastructure data/plans and so may be of some help with the mapping project along with @RebeccaStavick (open NE) and co.

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