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Friday, January 20, the guest speaker for our monthly Coffee Chat will be Commissioner for the 2nd District of the Nebraska Public Service Commission, Crystal Rhoades.

We asked her five questions:

1. What is your preferred mode of transportation?

I like to ride my bike and use public transit; admittedly, I do most of my transportation in a car.

2. What, in your opinion, is the greatest challenge to multi-modal transportation in Omaha?

Funding – lack of political will to put public transportation and multi-modal transportation on par with automobiles.

3. What, in your opinion, the the greatest multi-modal success in Omaha?

I don’t know, probably the expansion of bike lanes, trails, and adding bike racks to buses.

4. How did you come to have an interest in transportation?

I’m a horrible driver and would prefer to get places by any other mode.

5. If you could magically change one thing about the transportation systems in Omaha, without limit to budget or feasibility, what would it be?
Expanded public transit bus/streetcars/light rail and expanded trails.

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