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Omaha Needs a Transportation System Fit for a 21st Century Metropolitan City

14 Jun

Omaha Metro has two Bus Rapid Transit meetings Wednesday, June 15, 11am-1pm at the at First National Bank Winter Gardens and 4:30-6:30pm UNO Durham Science Center to give an update and to seek public input on the configuration of the BRT vehicles.BRT meeting

The mode share findings below highlight the need to move quickly with BRT, continue other Metro bus system improvements, and create more inviting walking and biking infrastructure, along with doing more to promote these non-single occupancy vehicle (SOV) modes to move people. Omaha’s increasing SOV trend is not sustainable monetarily, environmentally, and will negatively impact our quality of life with increased traffic and air pollution.

The American Community Survey* is an annual survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. While a recent Citylab article focused on age groups and car usage across the U.S. for one year, here we highlight the trends of five modes of commuting to work in the Omaha area. Please note the boundaries and restrictions of the data include: 1) Data is from commuting to work only. Thus trips to retail, recreation, etc., are not measured in these numbers. 2) The survey only allows a person to specify one mode of commuting. Thus those who use multiple modes, and the share of each mode used, are not delineated. Continue reading

Citizens’ Academy Spring 2016 – Transportation Workshop

27 Apr

Mode Shift Omaha is a founding partner in the curriculum development and organization of the Citizens’ Academy for Omaha’s Future. This Spring 2016 session our part-time Program Coordinator is participating in the Academy as a student. On April 21, Mode Shift facilitated the Citizens’ Academy session on transportation: transit, travel demand management, and active transportation. Here are some highlights from that workshop:


Freedom is in the eye of the beholder of transportation choices, explained the featured speakers Michael Helgerson from Metro Area Planning Agency (MAPA), Evan Schweitz from Omaha Metro Transit, and Daniel Lawse from Verdis Group and Omaha Metro Transit board.

If a car has been your main mode of transport and suddenly for some reason you are without a car, you know the struggles of depending on others for rides or borrowing cars. Continue reading