Transportation Master Plan|

The link to the map below is for reference only, and is not an official document of the City of Omaha.

View Prioritized Transportation Projects – Omaha in Google Maps.

Some of the ModeShift Omaha  volunteers took the draft list of proposed transportation projects, and created a map. While it is important to note that this is not a final list, or a comprehensive list, it does give a sense of the distribution and focus of new, proposed transportation projects, and how they rank in the proposed metric developed by the City.

We want to use this mapping of project to identify clusters of opportunity and use those areas as a stepping-off point for community engagement in the process. Are these the projects you want to see? Do you have questions about the methods and placement of different plans? This Transportation Master Plan will change how we live and move in Omaha, and we, here at ModeShift, want to make sure that everyone is a part of the process and everyone’s concerns are heard.

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