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It’s been a bit more than a year since Hey Day on May Day, our collaborative effort to promote multi-modalism and support for the update to the City’s Transportation Master Plan. This seemed like a good time to check in on what has happened in relation to promoting multi-modal transportation since then.

The update to the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was approved by the Planning Board (unanimously) in May 2012 and by the City Council in August 2012 (with a vote of 5 to 2).

City of Omaha Transportation Planner, Derek Miller, says that for the most part the impact of the TMP to date has been through continued policy development and informing other transportation planning efforts, including:

Through other special programs such as:

And programs and projects included in the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP):

  • Complete Street Corridor Study—Ongoing annual funding to evaluate and address multiple corridors throughout Omaha.
  • Green Street Master Plan Implementation—Ongoing annual funding to evaluate and address multiple corridors throughout Omaha.
  • Priority Streetscape Corridors-Downtown—Ongoing annual funding to evaluate and address multiple corridors throughout Omaha.
  • Bicycle Parking Program—Ongoing annual funding to provide bicycle parking throughout Omaha.
  • 48th Street L to Q Project—Originally designed as a 3 lane section but through community input and discussions internally it was decided the project could be rebuilt as a 2 lane section facility and still meet the project goals.
  • S-Curve Project—The conversation about this project has been framed under the umbrella of multimodal connections (see Mode Shift’s assessment about this project here).
  • 24th Street Road Diet—Currently in design phase
  • Railroad Avenue—Currently in design phase
  • North Downtown Riverfront Pedestrian Bridge—Currently procuring a design consultant
  • Harney Street Cycle Track—currently undergoing design concept study
  • Crossroads Improvement Funding
  • TD Ameritrade Pedestrian Bridge in Old Mill

All in all, a lot has happened in the past year! Thanks to all at the City of Omaha who have worked on improving transportation options. It’s important that we continue to do so. Please keep reminding city administrators and elected representatives that you want a more resilient and responsive transportation system that provides mobility choices for all and enhances the livability of our community.

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