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As we prepare for Mode Shift Omaha strategic planning on April 15 (10am-4pm at UNO CPACS 109a-please join us if you can), and the release of the updated Transportation Master Plan in mid April, we really need your input.

  • What is your vision for transportation in Omaha?
  • What do you think the city, region or state should be doing to promote this vision?
  • What would you like to see Mode Shift Omaha do to bring about this vision?

Please post your comments here or if you’d rather, send an email to Thank you!

3 Replies to “What is your vision for transportation in Omaha?”

  1. DEXTER says:

    Modeshift can be the representative body for those who want the city to move in the direction of sustainability. This city and this country as a whole needs to move progressively faster away from cars or other means of travel that directly consume oil.

    I envision a cleaner future for Omaha. One where:

    -There are progressively more bike routes
    -There are progressively less road projects
    -There are progressively more bus routes with progressively more fuel effecient/independent buses
    -There are progressively more major public transit projects like streetcars, light rail, commuter rail and Bus Rapid Transit.

    In my mind, we can’t move fast enough to ditch personal means of transportation. It’s hard to grasp now that we have so much that is based on automobiles, but none of what we have is really OKAY for us to have, relative to sustainability. We can’t just ditch our way of life now, however, so we need to do all we can to reduce the strain on the planet. It was our way into this, and it’s our way out, or we will witness the collapse of our society instead of a gradual, chaos -free move toward a more humble and mindful way of life.

  2. carl eskridge says:

    There needs t be a route to the Douglas County Offices on Maple. The nearest current route is 2 miles away. People have to go there for county business and if they don’t drive face hardships.

  3. I like ModeShift’s work on issue advocacy and large scale planning, but one direly needed action is project overview. Specifically with all the sewer separation related projects, Mode Shift has a real opportunity to push for larger planting strips with more trees, bump-outs, improved sidewalks, and bicycle facilities on more trafficked routes.

    Just narrowing that curb to curb distance to the benefit of the sidewalk and landscaping could add so much dignity and enjoyment to active transportation. And it is free, if they are already taring up the road, it doesn’t cost anymore money to put it back better then they found it.

    Also, on the same note, better solutions to the sewer separation project (raingardens, bioswales, and groundwater recharge basins) improve the pedestrian environment and cost a whole lot less than concrete pipe and culvert.

    Philly’s Water Department is a must see example:

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